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“To be faithful is to persevere in the service of God right to the end, for without

perseverance, all is lost.”

Saint Vincent de Paul

The following story reveals the faith and perseverance of a young man who trusts in the power of God to successfully complete the work entrusted to him. He has had the courage and grace to be faithful to God and God’s will for him.

A young man recently called our Society of St. Vincent de Paul Parish Conference for rental assistance. A car accident in July caused him to lose one week of work, and ultimately his job in medical research. He still has pain in his wrist and was diagnosed with a twisted rib. In November, he starts a new job in diagnostic radiology work at a major research hospital.

During a walk‐in visit we came to know this special person and learned about his journey, and some of the obstacles he has overcome on the path to success. He is the oldest of nine siblings who grew up in a poor neighborhood in the Midwest. Statistics indicated that he and his siblings did not have much chance to break the cycle of poverty. His grandmother and mother challenged and prayed for him and his siblings to overcome life’s obstacles. He earned a scholarship to play on a Midwest NCAA Division 1 football team. His team was highly ranked and one year they won a BCS bowl game. Several of his teammates now play in the NFL. He is one credit hour away from finishing a degree in communications, and he is also pursuing a medical degree specializing in radiology. He moved to Houston earlier in the year to continue his education and begin a career in medicine.

He is the first in his family to graduate from college. His siblings are following in his path and the next three are in college. His ultimate ambition is to attend medical school. He is active in his faith and has become involved in a local church.

There are many types of people and many different situations which result in people who need help. We were glad to help this special person overcome an obstacle on the road to success.

Our SVdP Parish Conference extends humble and heartfelt gratitude to Monsignor Bill and the parishioners of our Church, for your overwhelming charity in helping us care for Jesus in the suffering and in the poor.

Your prayers and donations to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are greatly needed and humbly appreciated. For information on joining our SVdP Parish Conference, please call and leave a message at 713‐664‐5350.


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