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God's Timing and Miracles

“It is better to go beyond the limits of charity than to fail in it.”

Saint Vincent de Paul

We came to the family’s meager apartment to respond to a request to provide a dining table and chairs to replace the broken table retrieved from a dumpster. We found little furniture, most of which was obtained from a dumpster. The living room couch doubled as a bed and the lamp did not work. Upon realizing that we would provide a table, chairs and furniture to replace what we were sitting upon, the mother began to weep. We asked what more we could do. She said that she and her husband and a very young daughter slept on mattresses on the bedroom floor. We observed that the mattresses were in a condition unfit to sleep upon.

The mother works as a dishwasher at a Houston hospital and her husband struggles to stay employed. Her eight year old daughter’s birthday went un-celebrated last week (the mother told us that her daughter pleaded with her to understand that all was well). Her son withdrew from his Fall semester of classes because he was unable to pay the $300 tuition expense. Her son is now working a part-time job to pay for next semester’s tuition. The mother is taking English classes and studying to obtain her US citizenship next year.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. A $1,000.00 parishioner donation to our Conference was received ten minutes before leaving for our home visit, thus easing our budget guidelines. We were able to order economical new beds and used furniture from the Vincentian warehouse for this family.

Throughout the home visit, the mother gently smiled and never once asked for anything, other than the dining table. All additional offers for assistance came from our inquiries and observations about what more that we could do for her family.

The closing prayer took place in English and Spanish, simultaneously. As we thanked God for the honor to be with her that afternoon and for strength to continue to care for her family, she prayed the following: “Thank you, Jesus, for the gifts coming to me today. Thank you for bringing me friends to help me. Please bless my friends for having shown mercy on me, and please bless all those whom they will continue to serve. Please let me be able to help others someday, as they have helped me. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.”

The Vincentian home visit is the core of our ministry. The visit is more than the validation of need. The visit is to share time and establish a relationship with people in need. We pray and feel God’s presence.

Our SVdP Parish Conference extends humble and heartfelt gratitude to Monsignor Bill and the parishioners of our Church, for your overwhelming charity in helping us care for Jesus in the suffering and in the poor. Your prayers for, and donation checks made out to our SVdP Parish Conference are greatly needed and humbly appreciated. For information on joining us in our mission of holiness and charity, please call and leave a message at 713-664-5350.

Leviticus 25:35 - "And if your brother becomes poor, and cannot maintain himself with you, you shall maintain him; as a stranger and a sojourner he shall live with you."

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