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Never Alone

“The kingdom of God is peace in the Holy Spirit; He will reign in you if your heart is at peace. So, be at peace, Mademoiselle, and you will honor in a sovereign way the God of peace and love.” Saint Vincent de Paul

Her story was one of loneliness and the cross. At almost 70 years old she lives in a home inherited from her deceased mother, has concern over a brother with severe emotional needs, and her only help paying bills is from the little money that her son earns mowing lawns.

She called because she was about to lose water service. Water leaks in her home had persisted for over a year and resulted in large bills. Two Vincentians visited her home to offer compassion, hope and assistance. One Vincentian brought tools and went on hands and knees to diagnosis the extent of the problems. The needs were so significant that he took pictures to show a plumber.

We contacted two other charities to assist us in paying her bill, after spending many hours confirming with the city water department the extent of her expenses owed.

We thank Terrell Sword of Sword Plumbing Company, for his complimentary service of three home visits to remedy our client’s water leaks. Terrell said that he was so very grateful to have had the opportunity to help an individual in such need.

We also advised our client about Social Security benefits that she was entitled to receive, and helped her obtain free legal advice which she needed. The conclusion of our client’s story is that water resources have been saved, expenses reduced, the living environment of her home has improved and she is getting the legal and financial assistance that she needs. We offer sincere gratitude to the parishioners of our Church and to Sword Plumbing Company for helping us put into prayer and action the plea of St. Vincent de Paul: “Bear the pains of the poor together with them, doing all you can to give them whatever help they need, and remain in peace.”

Please call 713-664-5350 if you are interested in membership in our Parish Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference. Your prayers for Jesus in the suffering and in the poor and donations to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are humbly and gratefully appreciated.


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